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Boards: Crossover Surf

HYDRO FOIL...............2019 Ghost Whisper

Board: 2019 Ghost Whisper
• Sleek carbon foil for high-end freeride performance 
• Fast, agile and responsive- great for aggressive riders 
• Change components, change performance with modular system 
• Super stiff, light weight high-modulus carbon construction 
• Early takeoff, stable at slower speeds

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2019 Hover Glide NF2

Board: 2019 Hover Glide NF2

• User-friendly foil you can learn on but won’t outgrow 
• Agile & playful foil that planes early & has a medium top-end speed 
• Durable aluminum, composite construction 
• Segmented design for easy set-up & breakdown 
• Foil in shallower water w/ four different mast lengths to choose from 
• Affordable replacement parts if needed 

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2019 Dwarf Craft

Board: 2019 Dwarf Craft
• Great all-around foil board for every condition 
• Light weight, durable Slingshot construction 
• User-friendly shape provides smooth takeoffs, agile handling 
• A board you can progress with but won’t outgrow 
• Concaved deck for agile handling w/ subtle movements 

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WAVE...............2019 Mixer

Board: 2019 Mixer
  • Hybrid high performance short board feel
  • Quad fin and tail shape yield strong back foot performance
  • Quad concave bottom provides grip on rail and locked in turns
  • Carbon stringers and tail provide durability

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2019 Alien Air

Board: 2019 Alien Air
• Stout, stable and buoyant: User-friendly board for all abilities 
• Great option for entry-level foilers 
• Wide body, aggressive rocker helps prevent nose diving 
• Concaved deck creates agile handling w/ subtle movements 
• Adjustable pedestal mount for varying foil positions 

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WAVE...............2019 Celero

Board: 2019 Celero
• Super versatile shape ideal for all conditions 
• Classic thumb tail provides all-around performance 
• Stability, agility w/ stout body, curvy outline 
• Trusted all-around shortboard shape
• No tools, no hassle with click-in/out FCSll fin system

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WAVE...............2019 Screamer

Board: 2019 Screamer
• Agile, freestyle-friendly T-Rex shape 
• Less front-end swing weight great for aerials 
• Aggressive heal/toe carving with parallel rail outline 
• Pulled-in thumb tail yields slashy, high-speed control 
• No tools, no hassle with click-in/out FCSll fin system 

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WAVE...............2019 Angry swallow

Board: 2019 Angry swallow
• Excels in marginal wave conditions 
• Our highest-buoyancy board  
• Agile, freestyle-friendly T-Rex shape 
• Super slashy diamond swallow tail 
• Edge harder w/ parallel rail outline 

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FCS 2 System

Board: FCS 2 System
FCS II setup allowing you to customize the ride to your conditions and riding style.

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